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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Physics and dating 
17th-Aug-2005 09:24 am
*Physics and dating*:
Physicist Richard Ecob has found some interesting similarities between physics systems and dating. Among his conclusions are the following:

He found that "super daters", people who have many short
relationships, have a good effect on others' lives.

This is because they break up weak couples, forcing their victims
to find better relationships.


The research suggested that multiple daters, those who form many
relationships, were less effective at finding the right partner
than those who remained in one place and let others come to them.

"If you have a complex network and you stay in one site you see
more traffic coming through," he said. "It's a denser network, so
there are more possible matches."

Another surprising discovery was that an increased set of
preferences made no difference to a single's chance of ending up
in a relationship.

Of course like in all such research, the validity of these
conclusions is only as good as the validity of the underlying
assumptions used in the computer modelling.

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