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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Microsoft gets NSA For Vista Security Help 
9th-Jan-2007 12:04 pm
Microsoft Turned To National Security Agency For Vista Security Help

The NSA detailed a team to work with Microsoft on the new operating system, which is expected to be used by hundreds of millions of computer users.

By W. David Gardner

Jan 9, 2007 11:25 AM

Microsoft has confirmed and elaborated on the role the National Security Agency played in helping secure the firm's Vista operating system, according to a report in Tuesday's Washington Post.


I can just see how this worked...

M$ thug #1: Customers complain about our security.
M$ thug #2: So let's get the NSA to help us. They are experts in this type thing.

NSA spook: Why SURE we'll help you. Do this, this, and that.
M$ thug #1: Uh.. wow. Thanks. That was easy!
M$ thug #2: Hey... this code change you want is actually a cryptographic back door!
NSA spook 1: Yes. It is a matter of national security, so keep quiet about it.
NSA spook 2: The health and welfare of the nation depends on it. ... So does yours. ehem.
M$ thugs in unison: Urm... riiiight.
M$ thug #1: But doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of "security"?
M$ thug #2: I agree. With this change you could look at any user's most private data from anywhere at any time and they'd never even know! That's not what I call secure.
NSA spook 1: Trust us. We're the government.
NSA spook 2: If you include it, then I can guarantee US government acceptance.
NSA spook 2: I can guarantee we Feds will standardize on it. That is a lot of money.
M$ thug #1: Lots of money?
NSA spook 2: Lots.
M$ thug #2: [smiles broadly] DONE!!!
M$ thug #1: Lots of money AND we are patriots? We can't lose!!
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