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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
HP sucks 
5th-Jan-2007 08:26 am
I have a HP Compaq dc7600C Minitower at work.

Over the holiday break my system clock decided to die. It was running WAY WAY slow when I powered back up. Within 30 minutes I'd be about 10 minutes slow.

I called IT Wednesday and they replaced my motherboard yesterday.

I had fun chatting with the IT guy. He told me about the quality issues they have been having with HP. He said they complained to HP about their quality once and then HP performed an audit on their account. They don't complain anymore.

Now my system time is running fast.

I set the time synchronized with my cellphone yesterday afternoon to 3:30PM. This morning at 7:00am, it was two hours fast.

HP is teh suck.

Don't buy HP.
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