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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Gracias, Jesus 
24th-Aug-2006 07:43 pm
Only with the will, might, and handtools of Jesus would my bed fit into my new house.

The movers were unable to fit the headboard and footboard up the stairs The posts on my four poster bed were just too tall. I had to have a widow removed to get the bed into the master bedroom. It should have been a simple task, but no. The window was very stubborn. Normally, something like this I can easily handle. I am a bit of DYI type. But I decided that this was beyond my skill. I was sure to break something had I continued.

A few phone calls to find a glazer that could help and Jesus shows up at my house.

Yes, I have Jesus on call.

This window was a real pain! If Jesus has problems exercising its demons, then you know it was tough. There were several times I was worried about my window crashing on the ground below. He eventually removed the window and the bed goes in. Then the window went back without a single issue, to our mutual surprise.

Thank you, Jesus, for helping me get my bed into the second story!

The movers have come and gone. Now it is time to unpack... bleh. Boxes everywhere.
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