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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Linux Kernel Saga, part 2 background 
13th-Aug-2005 05:54 am
It occurs to me that I never told y'all why I was rebuilding, again. Many of you (what? all two of you or less?) may actually be wondering WHY the heck I am rebuilding my kernel.

A short while back I was installing some new KDE packages. The message "Have to uninstall xxyyyzzz" appeared. I glanced over it and it was a small number of packages. What the heck. None were that important I decided.


It was a large number of packages and all of the core ones. KDE has been near completely uninstalled on my box. I rebooted and up comes Gnome. I try everything I can to get KDE up and running. Did I bother to check the logs? No...

When I do, It clearly shows that KDE is G-O-N-E. So I try to reinstall it but CD and USB aren't working. Bleh. I am stuck with Gnome until I can get it working again.

I simply don't like the way Gnome works. It is not that it sucks wholesale, I just don't like to use it. It is a wonky interface. But that is the lovely thing about Linux, if you don't like the way the desktop works, get another one. You like Macintosh? No problem. You want Windows 3.1? No problem. You want text only? No problem. The desktop is just another application and there are LOTS of them.

With Windows, the desktop IS the operating system (or at least is is a core service of it). What that means is that there is always user level root access regardless of who is logged in. Gee. I wonder why Windows has so many security problems? Could it be that it is broken by design? Could it be that the very architecture is fundamentally flawed and can NEVER be made secure?

You take a guess.
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