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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
IM is up 
21st-Aug-2006 01:24 pm
Recall earlier post

There is a new Gaim version available: 2.0-Beta 3.1

This has the fix for the MSN bug and I actually like the interface better than the released version of 1.5. In short, I can now chat with all my AIM buddies.

Unfortunately, I did have an issue with my OTR plugin. The plugin was not getting registered in Gaim. Keep in mind, this is for the WINDOWS version. I don't believe this issue exists for Linux.

Here is the fix: download the zip file for the Off The Record plugin for Gaim 2-Beta 2. Then unzip it and install the dll into your Gaim plugin directory. Most likely this would be "C:\Program Files\Gaim\plugin". Restart Gaim and open your plugins tool. Check the box next to "Off The Record" and you are good to go.
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