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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Microsoft Ends Win 98 Support 
11th-Jul-2006 10:41 am
Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP Service Pack 1

End of support for Windows 98 and Windows Me
July 11, 2006 will bring a close to Extended Support for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me as part of the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy. Microsoft will retire public and technical support, including security updates, by this date.

Existing support documents and content, however, will continue to be available through the Microsoft Support Product Solution Center Web site. This Web site will continue to host a wealth of previous How-to, Troubleshooting, and Configuration content for anyone who may need self-service.

Microsoft is retiring support for these products because they are outdated and can expose customers to security risks. We recommend that customers who are still running Windows 98 or Windows Me upgrade to a newer, more secure Microsoft operating system, such as Windows XP, as soon as possible.

Customers who upgrade to Windows XP report improved security, richer functionality, and increased productivity.

If you can't afford a new machine to run the Microsoft bloatware, please consider using Linux. It IS a viable alternative for the common computer user. Consider using SuSE, Linspire, or Mandriva.

And although Linspire says you have to pay for it, it is Linux and is therefore free of cost. You'll have to do some digging on their site and probably register, but you can get it for free... but then you don't have tech support or documentation.
11th-Jul-2006 07:29 pm (UTC)
As long as 90% of the software I use daily only runs on Windows, Linux will never be an option. This goes for a lot of people. And dual booting is just a pain in the ass for the most part.
11th-Jul-2006 08:53 pm (UTC) - luser
Anonymous coward
And dual booting is just a pain in the ass for the most part.

Get the whiteout off your screen and then you'd see how EASY it is!
11th-Jul-2006 08:55 pm (UTC) - Re: luser
The process is easy... having to boot back and forth every time you want to do something on the other OS, is not. Notice I did not mention that it was hard to do, just a pain in the ass to do. ;)
(Deleted comment)
11th-Jul-2006 10:46 pm (UTC) - Re: luser
Dude... you forget. I run multi-million dollar AIX and Sun systems. Don't make me bust a root-cap in yer ass! ;) And Wine, Xen, VMware all produce overhead that I would rather use to run my games. 60fps versus 20fps! Speed matters!
11th-Jul-2006 10:50 pm (UTC) - Re: luser
Gaming?! Get a console.

11th-Jul-2006 10:53 pm (UTC) - Re: luser
Dude... and you call ME a Luser. REAL gamers don't use consoles.
12th-Jul-2006 05:15 pm (UTC) - Hang up the phone...
Hey waitaminute... are you gaming on your multimillion $$$$ AIX machines? I didn't think that Nethack required that much power.
12th-Jul-2006 05:16 pm (UTC) - Re: Hang up the phone...
They make an AWESOME Doom server! ;)
11th-Jul-2006 10:43 pm (UTC) - Re: luser
Why bother with dual boot at all? Many M$ programs run using Wine. Even Everquest will run.

And dualboot is a thing of the past with Xen and VMware, anyway.
12th-Jul-2006 02:57 am (UTC) - Looks like I switched to linux in the nick of time
When They come out with the next over priced piece of cr@p, I'm not buying it.

Microsoft called me today. A woman with a thick indian accent asked me what I felt about my experience with Microsoft.

I said: "Customer Service, I rate as a 9. You guys are really understanding, polite and helpful. Windows as an OS? IT SUCKS." "I just installed Linux, and it's three times easier."

I'm not joking. I said that. Microsoft really needs to revamp their entire OS, or they will die in a day when the final virus hoses every PC and server in the world, and the only machines left running are the linux boxes.

kill -5
12th-Jul-2006 05:26 pm (UTC) - Re: Looks like I switched to linux in the nick of time
Don't kid yerself. The general populace still thinks Unix is too hard and is incompatible with what they want to do. That type of FUD ain't going away any time soon.

Microsoft will never rewrite their OS, totally, like Apple successfully did. It will remain insecure and closed source until the US government turns fully socialist and mandates that M$ make their code public.

No virus will have the kind of penetration it needs to totally kill off Microsoft's OS. And if you are the virus writer for that kind of devestation, you WILL be found. To have all (or even 50% of the world) M$ computers die off, there'd be global economic destruction. The gears that turn the world would grind to a halt. The bounty on you would be so high that you'd be willing to turn yourself in for the money.

The Hague would probably recommend execution at your trial.
13th-Jul-2006 12:23 am (UTC) - LOL!!!
It sounds like a scenario from fight club...

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