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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
What if the RIAA did fastfood? 
7th-Jul-2006 07:50 am
RIAA reflections: What if there were a "FFIA"?

What if there was a Fast Food Industry of America (FFIA) and they
managed to get a Digital Millennium Foodstuffs Copyright Act (DMFCA)
passed? Lets do an analogy from the largest fast food vendor, McDonald's:

When you purchase a Big Mac, you will be bound by a very specific set of
rules found on the INSIDE of the wrapper:

You are the only person authorized to consume the Big Mac, you may not
sell it or offer it, or any part of it, to others for profit or for free.

You may not examine, disassemble or modify the Big Mac (e.g. you cannot
take the pickles off, or add more mustard, cut the burger in half, etc).

You may not tell others how to perform these actions, or possess or
traffic in tools to assist with these actions (e.g. a knife, a ketchup
packet or salt).

You must consume the Big Mac from the original wrapper; it may not be
placed on a plate, in a lunch box, or in a fridge.

The Big Mac must be purchased and consumed within the US, and the right
to consume may be revoked at any time without warning.

Violation of any of these conditions will make you subject to civil
fines (upwards of $150,000US per instance) and possibly criminal penalties.

If these conditions are not agreeable to you, you may return any
UNOPENED Big Mac to the place of purchase for a refund.

If after use, the Big Mac is found to be defective (e.g. contains E.
Coli or necrotizing fasciitis aka "flesh eating bacteria") you are
limited in compensation to the purchase price of the Big Mac.

Makes ya think, huh?


PS: some of the above was taken from a slashdot post that analogized the
big mac with RIAA.. I just embellished a bit ;)

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