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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Sunday: Woke up and got dressed in the possibility we would go to… 
10th-Jun-2006 07:29 am
Sunday: Woke up and got dressed in the possibility we would go to church. I let scribe_ari sleep in so we didn't make it.

Monday: Woke up a little before 4:30am (what my alarm is set to) and made it on the road by 5:20am for the long commute That was a lot later than I wanted. I wanted to be be at work by 6:00am, instead it was closer to 6:30am. I left a flashlight in an equipment rack and wanted to returtn it to its rightful place before anyone came in. One person was in the lab and didn't notice the bobo. Later, I got to work on a new project. This was a sustaining project so still nothing new but was new to me. All RF stuff so I am now racking my brain to remember what little I do know about RF. "Oh dear Lord. It's wirewrap. That has got to go." (referring to a non-RF board).

Tuesday: We have one wirewrap board the works and works beautifully. Got the wirewrap board that was under progress to be redone with better layout and routing using the working one as a model. Online training that afternoon and trying to get myself added to various parts of the corporate computer network.

Wednesday: Lots of online training this morning. More labwork on the RF portion of the equipment. I determine that we will not be turning the wirewrap into a PWB due to the cost, limited life span, and production run. I could not build a business case. It is cheaper to make the other wirewrap boards work. Dental appointment for the scaling on the right side of my mouth at 1:30PM. I brought in my Albinoni album. On the commute back to town, I was listening to it and decided that it was good calming music that I could be tortured to death by. The dentist only had to inject my gums twice on my bottom right. All others were a one-shot deal. They gave me a copy of my records, a Rx mouth rinse, and x-rays and sent me off. I had a $255 copay due to him being out of network. I went to the chiropracter after the tension from the dental work caused something to be pulled out of place. I turn on my phone and there is a message from the movers: they are coming TOMORROW!!! GAH! Frantic calling and I get it corrected to the proper date of Monday morning. The mouth rinse tastes terrible. Pepermint at first but then degrading to a horrible bitter aftertaste. My GPAA membership package arrived today. I got my claims guide, a 16 inch gold pan, snuffer bottle, two stickers, a patch, and a promisory note for a member card (they were out).

Thursday: More online training that morning. More corporate network administratrivia. More lab work on trying to figure out the RF portion. There are some bulk capacitors that needed to be removed. Still, no help, but at least the signals were less attenuated. A coworker did some fun stuff with the spectrum analyzer to clearly show the modulation on the carrier. I have no idea what he did. I can't repeat it. I worked a 1/2 hour more than I intended to due to writing reports.

Friday: At work by 6:30 again. I should be leaving by 2:00PM if I work at my desk through lunch. I stayed in thelab too long and didn't get back to my desk until 2:00. I have problems with my timesheet and that keeps me there until 2:30. I am also waiting on a message from the temporary housing to find out how I get into my apartment. That comes in before I get a call back from my admin. Timesheet fixed and I am headed home.... or so I thought. I forgot to lock my cabinets so I return and lock up my precious technical books and files. It is now 3:00PM. I get home and scribe_ari tells me that we can't check in until after 3:30PM on Saturday. I haven't even read the housing papers. I only printed them and stuffed them in my briefcase. I call them and ask if we can check in earlier. They have to do a walk-through first but will give me a call when it is done. Privately, I take this mean that I will be checking in after 3:30PM. I am cynical about such things. I brush and floss and my gums are still sore and bleeding... a lot.

Saturday: Today will be a busy day. Linnet goes to Tucson to play with Ryan. scribe_ari and I will return (hopefully, after having seen the temp housing) to pick up the items we will need beyond clothes, baby stuff, food, and toiletries. I have no idea if I need a coffeepot or a DVD player. All other things (linens, towels, dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, etc) are provided. I will be shutting down and packing up my computers today.
18th-Jun-2006 09:04 pm (UTC) - Boy do you ever need Calgon!
getting up at 4:30 am...ugh...I will never complain about my life again!

Sorry I phased your birthday. I hope it went well.

Happy Father's day!
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