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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Ktorrent and SuSE 
21st-May-2006 06:52 am
Okay... I don't know why KTorrent seems to require it and the BitTorrent client doesn't.

I went to /var/log and looked through the various logs and there were no messages indicating why KTorrent keeps crashing and BitTorrent doesn't. Then it struck me that I was running a user-level mode application. Looking under my home directory, I found the log file, .xsession-errors. At the end of the log file, there was a statement "unable to register SLP service". This message was appended to the log file every time KTorrent crashed. So, maybe, my earlier statement regarding how SuSE has dorked with KDE may be incorrect. KTorrent is looking for a network service that it requires for some esoteric reason. I am just nervous about people modifying KDE since that was absolutely true of RedHat in the early days. They wanted everyone to use the Gnome desktop.

I must say that KTorrent is poorly designed in regards to its user interaction on this point. When a program shuts itself down and doesn't tell you why, that is bad. I don't even know why SLP is required much less anything about it. Time to learn I guess. I'll definitely be dropping a line to the KTorrent developers.

Enabling the SLP daemon in the system services has done nothing. According to the OpenSLP Documentation, it looks like I may have to alter the scoping rules. I have a lot of reading to do.

SLP, or Service Level Protocol, looks to be a form of Universal Plug-n-Play. I have UPnP enabled on my Netgear firewall/router so I believe that this service is redundant. I guess that UPnP is different enough from SLP that the two don't talk. Given that I am on a small home network, I don't know why it is even required.

Time to do some web surfing.


Browsing around I find this post on the KTorrent Forum:
SuSE 10.0 includes 1.1rc1 version. Please update to the newest stable 1.1.
It seems that some other users also have problems downloading big files with 1.1rc1 on SuSE 10 (see this)

I stopped my download of the large file and it seems to be working, now. I am downloading some small file.

The BitTorrent client is doing great work. I have it downloading the latest release (3.9GB) on DVD. It is alost 90% done as of this writing. I started it this morning. I still like the KTorrent user interface better so I will keep trying. Perhaps the new SuSE release will have the fixed version of KTorrent.
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