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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
And now the news... 
4th-Aug-2005 04:43 pm
I listen to Laura Ingram on my morning drive. Sometimes, if I leave early for lunch, I get to listen to Rush Limbaugh. On the drive home it is Dr. Michael Savage.

Dr. Savage is a fun one. MAN does that guy get worked up! He is sure full of himself, too. I like a lot of what he has to say, but his constant "I am a martyr" attitude and self-promotion is annoying. He is fun since he is in no way politically correct and is frothing-at-the-mouth-rabid at times.

Sometimes, if I am up REAL early (like recently in July, during the military exercise) I can listen to Coast to Coast AM. Total freak show. I love the nut factor. Odd thing about nuts, they can sometimes be right. Which one is right? Who the hell knows. If you like political conspiracy then I highly reccomend the Nut Bag of All Time: Alex Jones (www.infowars.com). I used to listen to him when I lived in Austin, TX. He predicted the UN would oppress the entire US come Y2K and other forms of doom. It never happened and couldn't. The UN is too incompetent. I never heard Alex on the radio again after January 2000. When a talkshow host's credibilty is shot d-e-a-d then the station had better lose that show or face losing credibility and listeners.

On Saturdays, on rare ocassions, I listen to Kim Kommando. She does tech support over radio. Nice tips - if I was a Windows user.

Yeah... doomsayers. Doom pays, big. Who wants to listen to good news? "Little Billy gets an A+ in spelling today. In other news: Sally finds her missing kitten. And now the weather: It will be a nice day over the entire planet so enjoy that picnic!"

< yawn! >

Not very exciting. Doom is a roller coaster. Add in sex-starved female divorcee teachers at Catholic highschools and WOW! You can sell a lot of advertising space! Hey, how about a car chase in Phoenix? Dang, they didn't shoot the guy on live TV! Where's the blood and missing limbs?! Multi-car pileup, anyone? No?

No doom = no money. Boring news means less people trying to watch TV. Less advertising. Less money.
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