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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Weekend Update 
15th-May-2006 05:54 am
Linnet's birthday went off like gangbusters. Toddlers make out like bandits! Sheesh! Thanks to all who came.

The kitchen was very full Saturday morning. scribe_ari made her ever famous and delicious drunken pot roast. I made a yellow cake with lemon frosting. I have never been happy with how the cakes have been turning out. The middle always winds up domed really high and the sides pull away from the pan. The cake itself looks like swiss cheese due to the large bubbles that form. I don't trust my oven to maintain a consistent temperature and the cake pans I am using are cheapo nonsticks from the grocery store. One should not have to shave one's cake (that much)! Furthermore, I am ashamed that I am using a prepared cake mix canned frosting and not making them from scratch. Forgive me! Meanwhile, my father-in-law is cooking his shrimp couscous.

Everyone started arriving about four. That was also the time I woke up. I was napping. We all sat in the living room and talked until more people showed up. Eric mentioned he heard I had a powerful computer and was a god with them (where that story came from, I have no idea... the part about me having a powerful computer). While im my office he saw my veritech look-alike transforming fighter and geeked out about Robotech and my Heavy Metal (the comic, not the music) magazine collection. I geeked right along with him. To the kitchen and and we started talking Robotech in the kitchen. Mel and Jen arrived hot and tired from the SCA event they were at and took a shower. We all started to tuck into the food. Presents were opened and then the cake. There was exactly enough cake. Everyone got a reasonable amount and there were no leftovers. Then Mel, Eric and I geeked out in my office about Traveller RPG, military weapons, politics, religion, and national defense strategy. A good manly discussion that was interrupted at random points by wives wondering what we were doing behind closed doors. Don't know why Var didn't join us. Perhaps since I don't know him that well he was being overly polite or just busy with making his chainmail.

There was one partial serving of potroast and one and a partial serving of couscous left after the party.

Mother's Day was a bit anti-climatic for my mother-in-law as she bid farewell to her husband. She is staying behind to help with Linnet during the pregnancy and birth. I got scribe_ari a nice card and let her relax. She passed out in her glide rocker and I swept the floors.

I went off to the grocery store and bought batteries for the musical toy. I am always leery of toys that make noise as they are almost always too loud (post coming on that) or are not interactive. This one is a good one. The Musini from Small World Kids, Inc. is, unfortunately, discontinued. You set it on the floor and it senses movement. The kid jumps around and it plays music (not crappy stuff either, it actually sounds good) while the kid dances. Kid stops. Music stops. Nice interaction!

I soooo want to hack this thing! There are extension ports, and a cartridge slot. Just think... I could make my own cartridge of heavy metal favorites! Metallica, Rob Zombie, Queensryche... yeah. Imaging my tot stomping away to that... Or if I want to be silly, I could make one with burps and other gastric noises. I could even do one featuring some Celtic trad. HA! I need to hack this so bad.
15th-May-2006 03:41 pm (UTC)
You DO have the Robotech DVDs right? If not, I might see clear to letting you borrow them if'n ya wants. :P I know my girls love watching Robotech.
16th-May-2006 03:14 am (UTC)
No. I have the video tapes I recorded from TV.
16th-May-2006 02:46 pm (UTC)
Well... if ya wants I can lend them to ya. Complete series including the Sentinels pilot. Just let me know and I wll get them to you or Eric. I know he would prolly want to watch them too.
15th-May-2006 08:52 pm (UTC)
Make it make fart noises..... i have plans....... "their excellencies bid you to be be comfortable, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!" he he he
15th-May-2006 09:05 pm (UTC)
no beer for you!
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