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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Microsoft gets mean 
11th-May-2006 06:06 am
Looks like Microsoft is starting to use strong-arm tactics to sell their [fundamentally broken and insecure] operating system. They have a new type of sales manager that uses intimidation and threats to gain access to corporate IT areas to push their software. This is all done under the pretense of verifying that you are in compliance with software licensing policies. It is a scam, as the normal operandus modi for them is to report offenders to the Business Software Alliance and not their sales department.

This new type of sales person is called an "Engagement Manager".

Read the article.

This is proof positive that Microsoft needs to be reinvestigated for their monopolistic behavior. I hate to say it, but this is probably President Bush's fault, in a way. Clinton was harshly attacking Microsoft and it looked like it was heading for a breakup. Then the tech bubble burst and then the Bush administration came in and took over the burst bubble. Microsoft is a big player in tech and if they go down, they would take a good chunk of the tech-heavy economy with it. Bush, desperate to keep the economy afloat, gave a slap on the wrist to Microsoft for cheating the system. No breakup, I get. But giving them the deal they got was just naive. It was a penalty they could absorb easily and even benefited from as it got their software products more exposure and embedded them in schools. What should have happened was to open source certain parts of their OS and productivity products (beyond the API, I mean source code), place a temporary moratorium on their software releases other than patches, and a monetary penalty that would be used to compensate every computer manufacturer that preloaded and every licensed user of their products - and I don't mean sending them a coupon. I mean giving those that qualify, a full or partial cash refund on their purchase price of the OS. Manufacturers would get cash equivalent of what Microsoft charged them, and business and home users would get a partial refund based on the shelf price.
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