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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Official statement 
24th-Apr-2006 08:31 pm
Now that I have informed my employer and coworkers, I can now speak publicly.

I have given notice at my job. I will be taking a new job in Tucson as a Senior Electrical Engineer II. I will get to return to actual hardware design. Lately I have been doing a lot of network admin stuff and while it was okay, it just wasn't me.

Don't get me wrong, I am heartily greatful for the experience and the job. The company was terrific and is very well managed. It was the first company I have worked for that treated me like a person and not humanoid simulacra automata work units. It has been a real healing from the soul rending time I spent at Dell. Dell does not like humans despite their lip service mantra of "work-life balance". Now I leave my current company. Without a guarantee that the contract we were working under would extend beyond September, I had to move on. I have a growing family and cannot accept the risk of being unemployed. They have more than this one contract, but it is this one that pays me. If it goes away, I cannot feed or house my family. Period. Odds are pretty good they'll get the contract renewed, but, again, I can't take that risk.

My last day is May 15. I start my new job in Tucson on May 22. A ~70 mile commute for a bit. Fortunately, it is summer and there are houses that are opening up.

The new job gives me about a 9-10 percent raise and the opportunity for advancement. After 12 years in this field, you'd think that I'd get to move up, but I always seem to move or get laid off and have to start all over. I hope to be with my new employer for a while so that I can actually advance. I cannot stay a lower-level engineer forever.

Farewell, Sierra Vista. You have been kind and will be missed (especially the vista from work).

Hello, Tucson. I hope we will become good friends.

I have an opening at my work for a network admin./engineer type.

Must be capable of obtaining a US government clearance.
Great pay
Benefits (health, vision, dental, life)
Travel (CONUS)
Work with UAVs
Streaming multimedia

Send resumes to robomarkov_at_yahoo_._com
25th-Apr-2006 06:35 pm (UTC)
Anonymous coward
Congrats on the new job, hope you love it!!!!!

I'm thinking about getting a lj account, so neat-o....
26th-Apr-2006 08:22 pm (UTC) - CONGRADULATIONS OL CHAP!!!!
Yee haw! Oh, I bet it's nice to get that worry off your back. Needing a new position is so stressful. Being unemployed suxors, I know, I'm still unemployed. I've gotten desperate enough to apply to Tek Systems and RHI and other temp agencies (ACK).
I am SO HAPPY for you. Wish I could make u a I got employed cake. You should definitely celebrate big time. If I was there with you, I'd take you and family out to someplace wild, where lots of laughter would be incured.

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