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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Ka-ching !$!$!$!$ 
30th-Jul-2005 09:50 am
That is the sound the register made at a local car dealership yesterday. I paid out painful amounts of money for a new (well ... newer than the one I have now) truck.

The link does not show the option package, the double cab, 6 year 100K mile warrenty, etc...

I bought it used with 3500 miles on it.

I still paid too much.

I suck at car buying. Which is odd, since I am good at other financial negotiaions. I talked them down $500 and threw away my truck. Final price was $22000 plus TTL. < CHOKE! >

I h-a-t-e spending money. I haven't even bought a new shirt in a year.

So my old truck (red, 1994 Ford Ranger STX, 4x4, 130000 miles) was traded in at a pathetic $1500. KBB shows that it should be worth $2100 (if in "fair" condition). It has a clean title. Technically, I had an accident in 2001. I was rear-ended and it crushed the bed on the passenger side up to the wheel well and burst the tire. I had no lein on the truck, either. Wholly owned by me. The insurance company, as I recall, said it was totalled. I opted to have it repaired - new bed, new tires, and all was well. I checked on Carfax the other day. There is no record of the accident or that it was salvaged. I don't guess that it was, technically. When I was trading it in, I disclosed to the sales guy what happened. He says it was not totaled if I was given money to repair it. So there we are. Carfax may be useful and accurate ... or not.

That accident was in 2001. If there was anything wrong with it, it would have shown up by now. I'll leave it as is. You'd think the insurance company would have placed a "totaled" on the title. They didn't, therefore it must not have been.

I suppose that I'll eventually like my "new" truck, but all I see now is a very beautiful piece of steel I paid too much for. It represents my failure to negotiate well. Stickershock-itus. I give myself a couple weeks to warm up to it.

Ari will be taking it to Pennsic in two weeks. I get her 2000 4Runner.

It was raining yesterday, when I bought the truck. It will rain all day today. It will also rain all day tomorrow. God is weeping for me, or it may be tears of joy.

I hate spending money. Did I mention that?
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