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Wakum Mata!
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Wakum Mata! (whatever that means)
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10th-Oct-2018 10:15 pm - Paradise Lost
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

Colossians 1:22-23

Yes. You can lose salvation, even if baptised. The Protestants are wrong.

26th-Aug-2018 04:14 pm - The Problem of the Mega-Diocese
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

What is a Mega-Diocese?

A Mega-Diocese is a diocese so enormous that a bishop cannot oversee it. Remember “bishop” in Greek is επίσκοπος (episcopos) which means “overseer.” Epi means “over” as in the word epidermis. Skopos means “see” as in the English words scope and telescope.

A shepherd should know his flock. How can a single shepherd guide his sheep without losing many of them if he has a massive flock? Wolves and predators will certainly pick off all those on the periphery and those that stray because they cannot hear their shepherd's voice calling them. Perhaps there would be less scandal in the Roman Catholic Church if the administrative regions were not so immense.

I like the idea of the Byzantine Church structure, that if more than 200 families are in a parish, a new parish is formed.

Currently here are the number of baptized in the top 4 USA archdioceses:
1  Los Angeles 4,174,304
2 New York 2,521,087
3 Chicago 2,442,000
4 Boston 2,077,487
Italy has 227 dioceses. 116,350 sq mi and population of 60,483,973 people
USA has 167 dioceses. 3,796,742 sq mi and population of 325,719,178 people

These numbers are for the Roman Catholic Church. I don't know the numbers for Byzantine or Eastern Catholics but it is much, much smaller. It is clear that there is no possible way for the bishop structure to actually function in the current design. Vocations would be less an issue if there was more access to the leadership. It would help keep people from being disenfranchised.

25th-Aug-2018 04:20 pm - Forced Abortion, Forced Birth
driving, roadtrip, car

Here’s What Arizona Wants to Do With Frozen Embryos

The State of Arizona is taking an interesting tact on how to dispense with unused frozen embryos from IVF. There exists a legal issue in who owns them when a couple splits. This is further complicated by the issue of multiple partners. The embryos will be granted custody to the person that intends to develop them to birth. But Roe v. Wade complicates this matter.

... does the “right” Roe establishes end with a woman’s body no longer  being encumbered, or does it extend to extinguishing any “potential” of  that prenatal life to actuate itself?...

Here is the scenario: let's say that a married couple (male and female) are trying to conceive a child. The wife (A) has her eggs harvested and then fertilized by the husband (B) using IVF methods. Before the embryos can be implanted, they go through a divorce. The embryos are frozen until custody is determined. The wife does not want them. The husband does, and is therefore granted custody. Later on, the former husband meets a woman (C) and she agrees to be the surrogate for his children. She is successfully implanted with an embryo. They break up. 

Can B legally force C to continue the pregnancy to full term?

If B no longer wishes to have children by C, but C desires the child, can B legally force C to terminate the pregnancy?

Can A force C to terminate, or carry to term, since they are her eggs and DNA?

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5th-Aug-2018 05:24 pm - The Rule of the Theotokos
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

The Rule of the Theotokos

of St Seraphim of Sarov

(downloaded from www.1260.org and updated using language from the 2006 “Divine Liturgies of Our Holy Fathers John Chrysostom and Basil”, known as “The Green Book”)

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, be merciful to me, a sinner.

Glory to You, O Lord, glory to you.

Heavenly King, Comforter, Spirit of Truth, everywhere present and filling all things, Treasury of Blessings and Giver of Life, come and dwell within us, cleanse us of all stain, and save our souls, O Gracious One.

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8th-Jan-2018 08:17 am - Sin is like that
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

I was headed to confession last Saturday afternoon and was contemplating Theophany and baptism.

Lately, I had been struggling with some certain sins and had missed a dearly needed confession the previous Sunday. Perhaps if I had gotten to church earlier. I found a Roman Catholic Church nearby I could go to for penance as I didn't feel like I could wait another day; I was in a spiritual crisis. It was affecting other aspects of my life, tainting it.

Sin is like engine grease on your hands. Everything you touch becomes contaminated and smeared with the grimy filth with its cloying stench. Wiping your hands is not good enough. The stench is still there tainting all you touch. You need to be washed to be rid of it. Confession is like a second baptism in that it washes away our sins making us like new, again. It reveals the new being we became with our first baptism.

This is the season of Theophany, the baptism of The Lord in the river Jordan. This is when the water for house blessings is blessed. We bless our houses each year not because God has become less powerful over the year, but because our sins have tainted and covered His grace. Our homes need to be washed due to our sins to reveal the ever present blessings of God.

Let us remain in God's mercy by frequent confession, attendance of Divine Liturgy (mass), and the blessing of our homes.

Christ is baptized!
In the Jordan!

12th-Oct-2017 05:14 pm - Hack Slash Boom
I recently took my son to the pediatrician for his shots. One of the "health related" questions was regarding weather I have firearms in the house. I live in the United States and our Constitution grants certain rights and among those rights are the right to possess a firearm. Questioning the possession of a firearm as a health-related issue is disingenuous. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has some interesting statistics regarding knives. There were 1190 knife related injuries requiring emergency medical treatment per day between 1990 to 2008. There were an estimated 8,250,914 (95% confidence interval [CI] 7,149,074-9,352,755) knife-related injuries were treated in US EDs from 1990 to 2008, averaging 434,259 (95% CI 427,198-441,322) injuries annually, ... . The injury rate was 1.56 injuries per 1000 US resident population per year.

When you look at firearm-related injuries and the statistics: "A firearm-related injury is defined as a gunshot wound or penetrating injury from a weapon that uses a powder charge to fire a projectile. This definition includes gunshot injuries sustained from handguns, rifles, and shotguns but excludes gunshot wounds from air-powered, gas-powered, BB and pellet guns, as well as non-penetrating injuries associated with firearms (e.g., “pistol whipping”). ... More than 32,000 persons die and over 67,000 persons are injured by firearms each year." This translates to a daily injury rate of 184 injuries.

Reading the firearm mortality and injury statistics is this revealing statement: "the findings in this paper are subject to a few limitations. First, while the data sources are well-suited for capturing the burden and epidemiological profile of firearm injury and death in the U.S., they are limited in the extent to which they offer information about the context and circumstances surrounding firearm violence, including information about the relationship of the victim to the perpetrator."

That is to say, that there is no data regarding how many deaths and injuries were caused by self defense.

Given that there are far more injuries by knives than firearms requiring emergency medical care, why are knives not being questioned? It seems to me that knives are a far more dangerous tool.

The other issue I object to is the following statement in the conclusion: "firearm injuries are an important public health problem in the United States contributing substantially each year to premature death, illness, and disability."

I disagree with the premise. Firearms are NOT a health issue. The misuse of firearms and the reason why are the issue. Possession of a knife does not make me a Jack-the-Ripper or likely to commit suicide. My children's pediatrician is a woman complete with breasts and vagina (presumably). Does this make her a prostitute even though she is fully equipped to be one? No. She is a doctor. Possession of a hammer does not make one a carpenter. Are you getting the picture?

Firearms are not a health issue, but the issues causing their misuse might be.
My dear transgender friends, 1000 years from now an archaeologist may examine your bones. Your skin, hair, and clothes will have turned to powder. The scientist will carefully extract a tooth from your dusty skull to remove its pulp or drill a hole in your dry bones to sample your marrow. Gone is the pronoun you used to refer to yourself. Gone are your surgical scars, modifications, and enhancements. What is left is your DNA and it will tell one of two things: male or female. All your efforts are for naught because in the end, it is your DNA that describes what you are, not your feelings about your gender.

Your perception of reality is in error. People are constantly bombarded by statements saying we should have a positive attitude toward our bodies. We are told to not be ashamed of who we are. We are told to not descend into mediocrity and change ourselves. If you are fat, then by golly, be happy about it! If you have a disfiguring birth defect, then accept who you are and be proud! Flaunt it! Be yourself!

Unless, of course, you believe you are some gender other than what you were born as. Then, no. Then you are somehow born a mistake that needs correcting. There is minimal, only word service, or no psychological and spiritual help for you to accept the reality of your gender. No. You are told you are defective and must be permanently altered. You are told your feelings are reality, not your perception of it. "Be who you are" never enters into it. But noone likes to be alone in their decision and now other, even children who grow out of their erroneous perception of reality, are being indoctrinated.

Transgender and the pronouns that go with it has all the makings of a fad. It is a popular thing to do and is gaining acceptance at the risk of destroying one's life and making bad legislation. Gender transition surgery is not like getting a tattoo, but seems to be being sold as such.
I am sure this post will receive much hate, and possibly even generate death threats. Who is the one being intolerant? Let them show themselves.

I was recently at Disneyland. It was very crowded. Rainbows were everywhere. It was a celebration of "diversity". It was Gay Pride week. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I plan my vacation as I thought I was going during off season. I am beginning to think that there is no off season for Disneyland.

Ah, diversity. People were out flaunting and celebrating their sexual proclivity. Have the straights ever done this? Ever? In the history of humanity? The LGBTQ crowd wants to normalize a behavior that has, until the recent modern age, been seen as an aberration. This is social engineering at its worst. No. This is not the equivalent as the abolition of slavery or civil rights. This is about seeking normalization of sexual desire. You are damned if you disagree. You are a subhuman if you won't accept, tolerate, and embrace their choice of sexual partners. The LGBTQ crowd claim they want equality and the ability to be married. This is not their true goal. The goal is destroy religion. The gay pride movement has been hijacked by avowed Socialists. Socialism cannot truly succeed if there is a power beyond The State that The State is beholden to. Religion must be destroyed for Socialism to succeed. Once The State has the power of life and death by usurping the throne of God and assumes all authority it can do what it wills at any time. History shows what happens when Man supplants God and it always ends in bloody oppression for everyone.
31st-Jul-2017 10:09 am - Oh! The mysogony!
Men seeking some amorous interaction from modern American women have been given some advice in the seemingly misogynistic tirade, On the Pursuit of Pussy via The Burning Platform. However, that is only seemingly. Modern feminism has brought the destruction of femininity and rendered a natural interaction as something disordered and the author, ever so bluntly and entirely lacking diplomacy, points out some problems with Western Feminism.

Some points made:

Be a Man.

It was a good evening. You laughed, you drank, you flirted, she smelled amazing. You end up at her place.

Her kiss makes the world go out-of-focus. She is the very definition of curves and angles and softness, with pliant, satiny skin taut over the toned muscles of a dancer. Full breasts in a lace bra—it’s like perusing a dessert tray.

Your lips chart the arcane geometry of the place where her neck meets her shoulders, and you feel her pulse jumping under your tongue. You are both moving towards the bed, dropping clothing as you go. She lies back and as you follow her down she places both hands on your chest, applies a little pressure and says,


The moment she says that word, a Man will stop. Then, a Man will stand up, collect his clothes, shoes and keys, and leave. On the way out the door, a Man will flash his most winning smile and say, “Nobody has to tell me twice, darlin’.”

And then, A Man Will Never Come Back. She gets one shot at you—that’s it.

But I believe this is a false paradigm. I believe a REAL MAN would not let things go this far in the first place. A Real man would not have sexual relations outside of marriage.

Be a man. If she is worth taking to bed, she is worth making her your wife before you do. Waiting completely removes the issue of date rape. Waiting completely removes the problems created by being enamored with someone's body and then dismissing serious red flags. Chemistry and lust become overridden by reason and objectivity. It also shows that you value your intended spouse for who they are rather than their performance in the bedroom. Chastity solves a whole host of issues from STIs/STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and the morning after regret.
28th-Jul-2017 05:52 pm - The Slippery Slope of Gender Identity
driving, roadtrip, car
Transgenderism is failing feminism and harming freedom of speech and expression. Instead of those with gender identity issues getting the medical, psychological, and spiritual aid they need, the issue has been taken over by political activists and social justice warriors trying to make a name for themselves.

Now, once again, biological women are being marginalized by biological men. Status quo maintained, but now women cannot complain without being labeled a bigot or hateful. Congratulations.

A recent article from EWTN News had a very good point:

“It makes much more therapeutic sense to help the mind conform to biological realities than to deform the body in order to fit a disordered mental picture.”

But also, we are told, if we happen to be overweight, skinny, handicapped, deformed, have stretch marks, or have acne, etc., that we should love and accept ourselves for who we are. Transgendered persons get a pass and are essentially told that they should not accept who they are but to be something else. The hypocrisy level on body shaming is amazing when you consider you are so unhappy with yours that you decide to change your entire identity and people cheer you on as you make irrevocable changes to your biology.
16th-Mar-2017 03:11 pm - On the offensive

What is wrong with people? Most seem inclined to actively look for offense or to be offended. Why do people try to read in slights? It seems everyone's ego so large and frail? The world is all about them and they seem, at least to themselves, to be entitled to all respect.

What a sad life to lead where one searches for new ways to be offended in every action, dialog and missive.

4th-Mar-2017 11:08 pm - Call it what it is

Some believe sarcasm is a survival trait.

I call it what it really is: contempt.

It is time to be honest about the nature of sarcasm. It is born out of a self-appointed sense of superiority. It is not funny or cute. It is divisive, cutting, and hurtful. Sarcasm is nothing but a display of contempt designed to attack someone verbally to belittle them placing yourself above. It is selfish. It is vain. It is arrogant.

30th-Jan-2017 06:21 am - Civil Discourse
Words are important. Choosing the correct ones gets your point across. No. Profanity is not "just a word". Use of profanity makes you sound like a child having a tantrum; I cannot take you seriously.

Profanity does not promote civil discourse.

I'll say it again. Profanity does not promote civil discourse.

One more time. Say it with me. Profanity does not promote civil discourse.
29th-Dec-2016 07:12 pm - Simple pleasures
Simple pleasures.

That moment when your doorbell rings unexpectedly and you are actually wearing pants.
11th-Dec-2016 08:29 am - Do We Really Want Gender Equality?
Gender equality is fraught with issues. Men and women really are different. Given the actual physical differences, beyond primary and secondary sexual characteristics between men and women, is it even possible to have equality? This, in no way, means there should be a gender separation between gender neutral careers such as engineering, airline pilot, astronaut, bank CEO, food service, nursing, and so forth. Perhaps equality is not something we should be striving for, but parity.

A post by the Orthodox Church in America sums it up nicely, though it is a discussion that is faith specific.

"...Equality suggests some sort of steamrollering process of equivalence. It does away with any mutual fulfillment, and creates the conditions for conflicts. At any given moment, either side can replace the other and render them redundant. Parity, on the other hand, demands respect for differences as well as recognition of the special value and gifts of men and women. ..."

Equality denies our gender differences and uncomfortably and contentiously forces all into the same mold. Equality makes no account for our differences and calls shame on those same. Gender equality is intolerant. Parity, on the other hand, celebrates the differences and special abilities attributed to gender and can maximize the potential of the person.
26th-Nov-2016 09:01 pm - Finagle's Laws
Finagle's First Law:
To study a subject best, understand it thoroughly before you start.

Finagle's Second Law:
No matter what the anticipated result, there will always be
someone eager to (a) misinterpret it, (b) fake it, or (c) believe it
happened according to his own pet theory.

Finagle's Third Law:
In any collection of data, the figure most obviously correct,
beyond all need of checking, is the mistake

Finagle's Third Law Corollaries:
(1) Nobody whom you ask for help will see it.
(2) The first person who stops by, whose advice you really
don't want to hear, will see it immediately.

Finagle's Fourth Law:
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it only makes
it worse.

Finagle's Fifth Law:
Always draw your curves, then plot your readings.

Finagle's Sixth Law:
Don't believe in miracles -- rely on them.
20th-Nov-2016 08:33 am - She Needs a Safe Space
US flag
Every millennial anti-Trump protester.

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