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Wakum Mata!
Politcally Incorrect Musings
Wakum Mata! (whatever that means)
Yes. I have public posts. But think of all the stuff you're missing by not telling me you exist and want to be my friend. Sign my guestbook and say "hullo".
31st-Dec-2037 11:59 pm - [sticky post] Entry Point
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Мои российские языковые навыки ужасны, между прочим.

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1. Cannot base characters off the Who's drummer Keith Moon.
2. A one man band is not an appropriate bard instrument.
3. There is no Gnomish god of heavy artillery.
4. My 7th Sea character Boudreaux is not 'Southern' Montaigne.
5. Not allowed to blow all my skill points on 1pt professional skills.
6. Synchronized panicking is not a proper battle plan.
7. Not allowed to use psychic powers to do the dishes.
8. How to serve Dragons is not a cookbook.
9. My monk's lips must be in sync.
10. Just because my character and I can speak German, doesn't mean the GM can.
11. Not allowed to berserk for the hell of it, especially during royal masquerades.
12. Must learn at least one offensive or defensive spell if I'm the sorcerer.
13. Must not murder canon NPCs in their sleep, no matter how cliche they are.
14. Ogres are not kosher.
15. Plan B is not automatically twice as much gunpowder as Plan A.
16. I will not beat Tomb of Horrors in less than 10 minutes from memory.
17. Collateral Damage Man is not an appropriate name for a super hero.
18. When surrendering I am to hand the sword over HILT first.
19. Drow are not good eating.
20. Polka is not appropriate marching music.
21. No longer allowed to recreate the Death Star Trench Run out of genre.
22. There is no such thing as a Gnomish Pygmy War Rhino.
23. Any character who has a sensitivity training center named after him will be taken away.
24. Even if the rules allow it, I am not allowed to summon 50,000 Blue Whales.
25. The green elf does not need food badly.
26. Valley speak has no place in a fantasy setting. Especially if you're the paladin.
27. I am not to shoot every corpse in the head to make sure they aren't a zombie in Twilight 2000.
28. The Goddess' of Marriage chosen weapon is not the whip.
29. I cannot have any gun that requires me to continue the damage code on back.
30. I am not to kill off all the vampires in the LARP, even if they are terminally stupid.
31. The backup trap handler is not whoever has the most HP at the time.
32. I cannot buy any animal in groups of 100 or over.
33. There is no such skill as 'improvised cooking'
34. I am not allowed to base any Droid off any character played by Joe Pesci.
35. I am not allowed to convince the entire party to play R2 units.
36. I am not allowed to convince the entire party to sit on the same side of the table.
37. They do not make black market illegal cyberweapons for rodents.
38. When investigating evil cultists not allowed to just torch the decrepit mansion from the outside.
39. Gnomes do not have the racial ability 'can lick their eyebrows'
40. Gnomes do not have the racial ability to hold their breath for 10 minutes.
41. Gnomes do not have the racial ability 'impromptu kickstand'
42. Having a big nose adds nothing to my seduction check.
43. No longer allowed to set nazi propaganda music to a snappy disco beat.
44. Not allowed to spend all 100 character points on 100 1pt skills.
45. My character names are not allowed to be double entendres.
46. Sliver rhymes with silver because the computer frelling says so.
47. They do not make Nair in wookie sizes.
48. The elf is restricted to decaf for the rest of the adventure.
49. Not allowed to blow up the Death Star before that snotty farm kid gets his shot.
50. Not allowed to use thermodynamic science to asphyxiate the orcs' cave instead of exploring it first.
51. No longer allowed to use the time machine for booty calls.
52. My bard does not know how to play Inna Godda Davida on marachas.
53. Not allowed to start a drow character weighing more than a quarter ton.
54. Cannot pimp out other party members.
55. Before facing the dragon, not allowed to glaze the elf.
56. No matter how well I roll, a squirrel cannot carry a horse and rider at full sprint.
57. In the middle of a black op I cannot ask a guard to validate parking.
58. Expended ammunition is not a business expense.
59. Not allowed to pose the Netrunner in embarrassing positions when he's on a run.
60. Not allowed to short sheet the bedroll of impotent deities.
61. Can only taunt the ranger about his lack of swimming after my USCG E8 saves him.
62. I am not allowed to do anything I saw Han Solo do once.
63. No, I cannot buy 10,000 marbles even if I say please.
64. My paladin's battle cry is not "Good for the Good God"
65. There is no Summon Bimbo spell.
66. Not allowed to start a character that speaks every language except ones the party speaks.
67. There is no Kung Fu manuever "McGuire Swings For Bleachers"
68. Bring him back intact includes redundant organs.
69. There is more to wizardry than magic missile. Even if I can do 200 damage automatic with no save.
70. Not allowed to cook up nerve gas in the sink even if the target number is 5.
71. There is no 'annoy' setting on a phasor
72. Not allowed to start a character who is over 100 years old unless he's an elf or dwarf. Humans are right out.
73. Not allowed to name my cudgel Ceremonial Whoopass Stick.
74. My thief's battle cry is not "Run And Live"
75. Nor is it "You take care of the orcs, I take care of the traps"
76. I am not allowed any artistic license while translating.
77. I did not get my super powers from James T. Kirk.
78. Not allowed to commission a pistol that costs more than a sedan.
79. I am not liquid metal.
80. When accepting a challenge for a duel, I must allow the other guy time to find a pistol.
81. A picture of my ex-wife is not an acceptable backup weapon.
82. Victory laps after killing the dragon with my 1d2 bow is considered in poor taste.
83. My gnome does not like big butts and he cannot lie.
84. Not allowed to talk my fellow inquisitors into buying a 220lb pull crossbow.
85. Not allowed to talk my fellow inquisitors into buying an industrial strength flamethrower.
86. Not allowed to make a superhero with a 99% chance of dodging even after the -10 penalty for a successful called shot.
87. There is no such thing as a dwarven katana.
88. My bard does not get a bonus to perform if she is obviously not wearing anything under her tabard.
89. The elf's name is not Legolam.
90. My swashbuckling fop cannot take the flaw Dark Secret: Not Gay
91. A wet towel does not constitute an improvised weapon.
92. The name of the weapon shop is not "Bloodbath and Beyond"
93. I am to remind my DM that he must never, ever give my paladin a dire boar for a mount again.
94. I cannot base my ancient kung fu master on neither Gene Simmons or Bluto Blutarski.
95. I must not put the Thunder God on the spot again.
96. No making up polearms.
97. My one wish cannot be 'I wish everything on this piece of paper was true'
98. There is no such thing as Speed Polka.
99. Not allowed to see if Jedi can parry a shotgun blast with their lightsaber.
100. When any character from a d20 sourcebook is allowed, that doesn't include System Lords.
101. I am not allowed to pave ANYTHING.
102. I am not authorized to start any civil engineering project on the taxpayer's dime.
103. There is no such thing as a Club 3 of Cup Checks
104. Nor is there a 1 Longsword, 5 against party members.
105. I am not allowed to polymorph anyone into Abe Vigoda.
106. I do not have weapon proficiency in cat.
107. There is no such game as Wereshark the Buffet.
108. No, I do not get XP for every single crewman on that Star Destroyer.
109. Not allowed to kill a vampire with any part from a DC-10 larger than my car.
110. Not allowed to serenade the party even if my character has an internal tape deck.
111. I did not pick the garrote skill last week from my grandmother.
112. If the gun can't fit through the x-ray machine, it doesn't go on the plane.
113. My Droid is not allowed to paraphrase any Jack Nicholson soliloquy.
114. The Demilich only falls for getting stuffed in the bag of holding once.
115. My musical instrument does not double as a personal flotation device.
116. Not allowed to take a coffee break during the final super villain showdown.
117. I am restricted to memorizing Floating Disc only once per day.
118. I will pick a more traditional paladin weapon instead of a sledgehammer.
119. My character's names cannot be anagrams of playboy playmates.
120. Not allowed to kill another party member with a boomerang again.
121. I am not a contractor for Dragon Cave Cleaning Services Inc.
122. The paladin's alignment is not Lawful Anal.
123. Not allowed to forget to mention traps when the powergamer has point.
124. I cannot insert the words "Kill Phil, Sorry Phil" into any list of instructions.
125. Lingerie can only snap coincidentally so many times per day.
126. Dwarves do not count as burrowing animals.
127. Not allowed to download AOL 6.0 on the Arasaka mainframe.
128. Polka Gnomes exist only in my mind.
129. Not allowed to name my ship The Antidisestablishmentarianism.
130. I am not authorized to form the head.
131. Not allowed to bet how many times the lich bounces.
132. There is no such feat called "Death Blossom"
133. My acrobat cannot balance on the warlord's head for more than one round.
134. The King's Guards official name is not "The Royal Order of the Red Shirt"
135. I cannot demand payment in electrum, backrubs or bubblewrap.
136. I cannot start the 7th Sea campaign with 3 confirmed Drachen kills.
137. I do not have a scorching case of lycanthropy.
138. If the mere thought of it costs the others sanity, I'm forbidden from doing it.
139. My bard is required to take levels in the perform skill and cannot 'just play by ear'
140. The Dutch language does not exist in the Forgotten Realms.
141. My maid does not know kung fu.
142. Not allowed to give a 4 year old a sugar rush just to jack up the CR later.
143. Not allowed to by a holy symbol for every god just in case one of them is right.
144. There is no such thing as pleather armor.
145. I cannot go back in time to cut in line at the Declaration of Independence so everybody now is asked for their Terrence E. Woczinski when signing documents.
146. Not allowed to play an Australian in any game set before 1600.
147. Hobbits are not allowed to have Norse ancestry.
148. There is no Gnomish Deathgrip, and even if there was, it wouldn't involve tongs.
149. Looting the unguarded baggage train is not considered a glorious victory.
150. Not allowed to create recreational drugs in suppository format.
151. Halflings do not have a racial proficiency with the flamethrower.
152. When the guy is at -9 HP is not the best time for my cleric to convert him.
153. I will not propose to every noblewoman at the royal ball until I crit my charisma check.
154. I am not allowed to rub the monk's head for luck.
155. I am not allowed to rub any part of the elf chick for any reason.
156. When one person forgets to buy rations eating the half-elf is not our first option.
157. Any capital scale weapon is not 'my little friend'.
158. I will not declare myself a god just so I can grant myself spells.
159. Airlocks do not double as trash disposals.
160. I will not load any gatling weapon with nothing but paint rounds.
161. I will not nail every single female party member except for the elf chick played by that creepy guy.
162. What ever monster we just killed is not to be tonight's dinner.
163. Not allowed to try and make a dire version of any dog of the toy breeds.
164. I am not to tattle to the halfling assassin's mom about his career choice.
165. I am forbidden from replacing anything with folger's crystals to see if they notice.
166. Not allowed to bribe the enemy commander into withdrawing with a stolen Elvis LP collection.
167. I was not recruited by Star League for any reason.
168. I was also not recruited by 12 dwarves and a wizard to rob a dragon.
169. I am neither the pagan god nor goddess of fertility.
170. I cannot name my character Xagyg or any anagram thereof.
171. My character's dying words are not allowed to be "Hastur, Hastur, Hastur"
172. At no point can I justify spending force points on a seduction check.
173. I am not allowed to recreate Veers' March of the AT-ATs on Zhentil Keep.
174. There is no use of Shatner's spoken word album that doesn't require a humanity check.
175. I am not directly descended from either Huey Lewis or any member of the News.
176. I cannot make called shots to the plectrum, anvil, stirrup, hammer or Isle of Langerhans.
177. Stinking cloud is a privilege, not a right.
178. There are no profanities in Celestial.
179. Chummer means he is my friend, not that sharks find him tasty.
180. I have neither the touch nor the power.
181. I cannot quote Shakespeare in Crinos.
182. No figuring out the plot and killing the actual villain five minutes into the adventure.
183. There are no rules for cooking corn dogs in any d20 supplement.
184. A starting character has no need for 100gp worth of hemp rope.
185. My bard does not need roadies for a dungeon crawl.
186. No cutting line to be a god.
187. I cannot gain more than three drama die per session for making the GM pee.
188. I cannot play a elf with a scottish accent, nor a cajun dwarf.
189. Tourretes is not a flaw, it is a reason to kill the character at creation.
190. Duel wielding small animals is strictly forbidden.
191. My character is not related in anyway to Boba Fett. This goes double for Star Wars characters.
192. If the gun is best fired using the artillery skill, my character is not allowed to have it.
193. Not allowed to kill vampires with seismic charges.
194. When the other guy picks swords for the choice of weapons, that does not leave me pistols.
195. I cannot use a silent feat enabled power word stun and blame it on the dog.
196. I cannot name a character anything that I can't say politely in another country.
197. My epic level character cannot take on the minor goblin menace to his country just to stay sharp.
198. Not allowed to steal my own soul.
199. My third wish cannot be 'I wish you wouldn't grant this wish'
200. I cannot name my character cliche canon characters from other systems.
201. My thief is prohibited from speaking solely in Cant.
202. Character descriptions cannot contain two of the following words: Slavic, Tonedeaf, Karaoke, Musician.
203. My superhero's strength is not classified as snazzy, neato or bodacious.
204. I am not too sexy for the elf, too sexy for the elf, so sexy myself.
205. My 3rd ed. Red Wizard is not allowed to start a business named Thay Co.
206. I cannot forge a 1 sword of Brad's Min/Maxed Paladin/Monk Slaying.
207. The following weapons are not legal choices in a duel: Steamroller, Nerve Gas, Landmine, Midget.
208. I cannot whine about the crappy selection of magical bec de corbins.
209. My Paladin's heraldry is not a smiley face.
210. My Antipaladin's heraldry is not Mr. Yuk.
211. If at any point if my dwarf takes on the mannerisms of Macho Man Randy Savage, he dies.
212. If the party always starts the adventure in a tavern, I cannot opt to start in a brothel.
213. I am not the patron saint of common sense.
214. There is no prestige class Drizzt Slayer.
215. They do not make heavy weapons in pump action.
216. There is an upper limit to the number of Bozo boostergangers I can get in a Volkswagon.
217. If the weapon is capable of staking vampires hiding behind engine blocks, I can't have it.
218. No matter my alignment, organizing halfling pit fights is a violation.
219. In formal introductions to royalty, I must not introduce my companions as just "The Other Guys".
220. I am not the master of the low blow or the gang up.
221. If I get that Yugo up to 120mph again, that's gonna get some paradox.
222. Druids are not against my religion.
223. I cannot convince the Solo he has a cortex bomb when he really doesn't.
224. I cannot insinuate elf chicks are all easy, even though you never hear about a half gnome do you?
225. I am forbidden from monologuing.
226. Troll bubblegum...bad idea.
227. My last wish cannot be "I wish we were playing another game."
228. I cannot use my time machine to hire Hitler a hooker in 1920, thus avoiding WW2.
229. Not allowed to spontaneously check if the elf can take a punch.
230. There is no such thing as monofilament tooth floss.
231. I am not allowed to do anything that would make a Sith Lord cry.
232. It is not possible to recreate any scene from Dr. Who in Crinos.
233. If I am the medtech it is generally assumed I am going to have skill in medicine.
234. My character does not get d34 HP a level.
235. My Samedi is required to have dots in obfuscate. Plural, as in more than one, two more than none.
236. My character has no need for 24,000 cartons of cigarettes, especially in his neighbor's garage.
237. Not allowed to use more than 3 words per game that the GM has to look up the definition.
238. My bard cannot play or has ever heard of the theremin, didgeridoo or glass armonica.
239. My rockerboy cannot play or has ever heard of the theremin, didgeridoo or glass armonica.
240. Any character with more than three skills specializing in chainsaw is vetoed.
241. Cannot use the jedi mind trick to get out of a speeding ticket.
242. Not allowed to give quicklings Mountain Dew.
243. Cannot cast haste on the king during a long winded speech to get him to hurry the hell up.
244. Not allowed to taunt the rest of the party in 8 different languages because they forgot to take any.
245. Not allowed to attend any opera whose name the GM confuses with a strip joint.
246. I cannot keep selling that creepy guy's always naked elf chick to nomads every chance I get.
247. If the king rewards me with a forest, I am to assume he intends for me to keep it a forest.
248. There is no Halfling god of groin shots.
249. If a black op requires me to impersonate an employee, I cannot bill the target for overtime.
250. Superfluous Man is not a viable superhero concept.
251. I am not the Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy of Gundam Wing Z.
252. I can not order the Druid to transform and roll out.
253. If the other party members forget to take any food prep skills, not allowed to let them starve to death.
254. I cannot blow 5 paradox in: A police line up, the candy aisle of Krogers, the Miss America Pageant.
255. I cannot create a superhero that can palm the moon.
256. The following cleric domains do not exist: Wet T-Shirts, Atheism, Keggers
257. I cannot wish nobody else gets wishes.
258. There is no such thing as Skyclad Armor 5
259. My Highlander's name cannot be McHammer.
260. Gnomes do not have a racial bonus in bobsled.
261. The Barbarian's name does not translate into "Screams like little sissy girl" in my language.
262. When the GM forces the plot, I cannot make choo-choo noises.
263. Not allowed to attempt to kill the Hutt by pouring salt on him.
264. I cannot use the time machine to go to Ancient Greece where all the women were leather clad, oiled down with big bosoms.
265. It assumed my mechwarrior knows at least what one of the buttons in his cockpit does.
266. At the end of a black-ops, I cannot crank call C-SWAT on the target's phone.
267. I cannot yell "FREEBIRD" every time the bard makes a perform roll.
268. Mr. Welch is not allowed to speak in 3rd person.
269. My character cannot hear the soundtrack.
270. I cannot derail the adventure for a two hour in character discussion on the qualities of rope.
271. Tracheotomies are best left to characters with skills in medicine.
272. No skill allows specializing in defenestration.
273. No matter how smart I make my animal companion, he still can't take the tax accountant skill.
274. I cannot commune with the Gods during peak hours.
275. I must remember at dinner time Rock is not a dwarven delicacy.
276. I must remember at dinner time Log is not an elven delicacy.
277. My half-ogre cannot surprise the halflings with spontaneous games of dodgeball.
278. Anything the DM has to ponder the full impact of for more than a minute is forbidden.
279. I cannot base any elf off of any British Prime Minister.
280. Thermonuclear hand grenades do not exist in any genre except Paranoia.
281. I cannot get emotionally attached to any generic nondescript unnamed NPC.
282. Even if laughter is the best medicine, it still doesn't restore any of my HP.
283. I have been assured with total certainty Ralph is not a Japanese name.
284. When the CO asks for volunteers, I can't help others make a decision.
285. I am not from Margaritaville, and even if I was, that doesn't excuse the hawaiian shirt and lawn chair during the dress inspection.
286. No character of mine can start with 400 previous convictions for any misdemeanor.
287. When asked for advice before a fight "Don't wet yourself in public" is not what they were looking for.
288. I cannot name my character after another PC already in this game.
289. My character does not have the flaw Addiction: Helium.
290. I cannot figure that the dungeon we're in is the Pac-Man maze and point it out to the rest of the party.
291. I cannot form a huddle to discuss strategy before facing the final monster in the dungeon.
292. I cannot take all the monsters I've killed to the taxidermist after the adventure.
293. Clowns shoes have no place in a dungeon crawl.
294. My dwarf is not claustrophobic, likewise, my elf is not agoraphobic.
295. When my enemy blinks does not give me an attack of opportunity.
296. I cannot make called shots with a crew served weapon.
297. I cannot hand out artillery flares to the bad guys on New Years and tell them they are roman candles.
298. Sprechen Sie Bang-Bang? is not real German.
299. I do not get any XP for anyone I kill by stampeding sheep.
300. I cannot give the rebel operatives the codenames Luke, Han, Chewie or Yoda.
301. "Well Hung" is not a physical, social or mental trait.
302. A gimp suit does not count as leather armor.
303. I cannot gradually describe my character more and more until it's obvious I'm describing Burt Reynolds.
304. My life long nemesis is not allowed to be the unsuspecting cleric sitting across the table from me.
305. Anything my character does that ends up as errata I am retroactively prohibited from doing.
306. Chaotic Evil dieties do not have hymnals.
307. Even if he can use them from the start, my barbarian can't specialize in fencing weapons.
308. A Mao suit is not proper garb for my shugenja.
309. I cannot cast invisibility on random household items like car keys, tea sets and bear traps.
310. I cannot spend all my points on just followers.
311. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot start the game as pope.
312. I am not the son, father, husband, exroommate, former professor or retired garbageman of the villain.
313. My British Superspy does not get a reroll on his seduction check if his shirt gets ripped off.
314. Under 'Religion' I cannot put 'Xenu'.
315. My gnome cannot save point on the ride skill simply by asking for piggyback rides everywhere.
316. My character is not allowed to commit suicide five minutes into the campaign.
317. My battlecry is not 'Now young Skywalker you will die'.
318. Vampiric cows are not the fast food innovation of the future.
319. My character does not have the flaw: Dark Secret- I'm Kilroy.
320. The Sultan does not want a treasure bath.
321. The monk's official title is Brother of the Lotus Path. Not the Slap Happy Jappy.
322. My bard knows more songs than just "I Saw Your Mommy"
323. I cannot start the game with a highly contagious deadly disease.
324. I cannot start the game pregnant.
325. Even if he was a paragon of humanity in his alternate dimension, Good Hitler is not an appropriate superhero concept.
326. Cannot accumulate 200 points of flaws for Hackmaster.
327. I am not allowed to decide which one of us is the Chosen One.
328. I cannot keep my phaser on disintegrate just because it's the coolest setting.
329. Not allowed to spoil the plot by simply removing the hinges on the door.
330. The Halfling Paladin does not represent the Lollipop Guild.
331. I cannot invoke Consecrate Weapon on a Man of War
332. I cannot spend character points to buy imaginary friends.
333. I cannot fistinate anybody, whatever the hell that means.
334. Pinball is not a specialization for wizards.
335. When installing cyberware, can't install the Clapper as a built in feature.
336. Cannot start a Cthuhlu character with a pre-existing hatred of books, altars and cutlery.
337. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot control 20,000 pigeons and use them as flying piranha.
338. Any character named El Robotico Jiraffe de Fuego is begging to be vetoed.
339. Can't avoid going on an epic quest with the excuse "Can't find a sitter"
340. I cannot start the game married to another PC without their consent.
341. Not allowed to declare myself a free agent and take offer from other adventuring parties.
342. After the first adventure I cannot write a tell all book about the party.
343. I must remember royalty do not share the same love of parody as my bard.
344. No matter how much I make my IQ roll by, I can't make the other guy's head explode.
345. I don't have weapon proficiency in elf, either.
346. I most certainly don't have weapon proficiency in a Phased-plasma rifle in the forty watt range.
347. If I'm not the decker, I can't do anything I saw in Tron once.
348. The rest of the party appreciates it if I don't start the game in Cyberpsychosis.
349. Power Word: Beer Me is not a real spell.
350. I am not allowed to buzz ANYTHING.
351. I cannot take skill Profession: Ecdysiast
352. When I choose my wizard's familar, Belgians are not a legal choice.
353. I cannot pick a Destroid that makes the Veritech pilots feel inadequate.
354. Tricking the party into killing each other off and then turning in their corpses for the bounty is frowned upon.
355. My monk's battlecry is not "Round 1: Fight!"
356. No matter how well I roll, the Quack skill is not a substitute for the Doctor skill.
357. I cannot disassemble a car in under 5 minutes.
358. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot make a character that gets double XP per game for showing up.
359. Killing quicklings with marbles only works once.
360. I must remind the GM that my Blessed can Raise Dead before he runs another murder mystery again.
361. It is not feasible for my Archer to recreate Hudson's Last Stand.
362. It is very unlikely my half-ogre and the half-elf, half-dragon, tiefling and aasimar have the same dad.
363. When challenged to a showdown, I'm meant to face him at 10 paces with pistols, not 10 blocks with a Sharpe's Big .50.
364. I am to avoid killing, upstaging or seducing historical characters.
365. Not allowed to setup the main villain with the mad scientist's sister.
366. Female minotaurs do not have udders. This issue is closed.
367. No using excessive firepower to force the plot along.
368. My teleporter cannot stop the alien invasion with just the law of displacement, laws of motion, and a huge freakin' asteroid.
369. Not supposed to stop the soon to be cyberpsycho by disassembling him earlier in the adventure.
370. What happens in Sigil does not always stay in Sigil.
371. No thinking up new, creative and fun uses for cursed items.
372. Cannot start the game blitzed, especially if I was stone sober at the last game break.
373. It is bad form for the queen to see my nipples.
374. I am not to combine the advantage Fearless and the disadvantage Curious in the same character again.
375. Killing the building does not add to my body count.
376. The barbarian must remember that 'human shield' is a figure of speech.
377. My character is required to have a minimum wisdom of 10, that way I have no excuses.
378. I can cannot give my character the moniker "Tim the Barbarian". Especially since he's the bard.
379. I am to stop asking the elf to put a good word in for me with Santa.
380. I cannot use the ventriloquism skill to convice the fighter his new sword is a magical talking one.
381. Min/Max for combat=good. Min/Max for accounting=bad.
382. I can't bet the power gamer he can't solo the module.
383. It is not ok to use 10,000 rounds to kill two sentries.
384. The titles "Viking" and "Obstretrician" are mutually exclusive.
385. All characters will use the bathroom before the dungeon crawl.
386. The following words are not legal for the command spell: Prognosticate, theorize, notarize.
387. I cannot give magic items super easy commands words like 'is' or 'the' and activate when you say them.
388. Pursue means chase after, not just make called shots to the knees.
389. My samurai is not required to commit seppuku if he fails to hit the monster.
390. My character's background must be more indepth than a montage of Queen lyrics.
391. A starting paladin has no conceivable use for industrial lubricant.
392. I am forbidden to see whether halflings or gnomes bounce higher.
393. If I can fit my head down the gun's barrel, I can assume it doesn't have the non-lethal option.
394. If the light spell expires, no lighting the dwarf.
395. I cannot have any weapon that requires me to crank start it first.
396. I will refrain from using wildly inaccurate high explosive weapons in close quarters.
397. I will not tell new players that 1st level characters do not have a scent as a defense mechanism.
398. No matter what popular media says, harpoons are not proper ninja weapons.
399. When I have to pick a starting dementia, Stockholm Syndrome is not appropriate.
400. Check the door means to listen at it, not put several rounds through it.
401. When a virgin sacrifice is demanded I will not look knowingly at the paladin, netrunner or Hermetic.
402. No matter how many people I need to feed, I will not use MDC weapons to fish.
403. My rigger does not get a bonus if his log in code is up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, Start.
404. No subcontracting dungeon crawls.
405. I will not name my character for the power gaming campaign Generic Cleave Path Fighter #7.
406. The first rule of Finnegan school is not "Do not talk about Finnegan school"
407. I will not blow all my starting funds on hookers and booze.
408. If I have to sacrifice my fifth dot in resources to afford it, I can't have that gun.
409. I will not cast darkness at the magic missile.
410. If the NPC is on the cover of the rulebook, I can't kill him.
411. It is bad form to shoot a god while he's monologuing.
412. I will not try to skip to the main boss dressed like a singing telegram.
413. The chaotic neutral alignment is forever closed to me.
414. If my stats are STR10 DEX10 CON8 INT16 WIS17 CHA15 I'd better not be the half-orc barbarian.
415. My archmage will not join a party running Keep on the Borderlands as a ringer.
416. I will not substitute accuracy with enthusiasm.
417. The solution to all my problems is not Crinos.
418. Steel toe boots do not add to my AC.
419. Spankings generally will not change evil alignments.
420. "For the King" is an example of a good battle cry. "Smoke the Mother" is not.
421. I will not convince the GM's noob GF to play a psychotic combat monster.
422. My marital status does not affect in anyway my fear checks.
423. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot play a duck.
424. I cannot liven up the adventure with snappy musical numbers. Even if they did it on the TV show.
425. Chainsaws and butter churns filled with bees do not use the same weapon skill.
426. Thirty minutes after a massive battle against Cathayans I am not bloodthirsty again.
427. I cannot do anything I saw Jackie Chan do once. Even if I am in Home Depot at the moment.
428. I will never create a plan that first hinges on the invention of velcro.
429. If the character isn't deaf, his only language cannot be AMSLAN.
430. Spray paint is not a substitute for proper camouflage.
431. We will not implement any battle plan that includes the underlined words "And hope they miss a lot"
432. Cannot put anything featuring Calvin on my starfighter.
433. I will not find a peaceful solution to the adventure just to piss off the power gamer.
434. Never again will I convince a player to keep a character nicknamed "Stumpy McLunger"
435. No bribing the DM's new GF with chocolate so he'll go easy on us.
436. Even if my cleric has the domains of Wealth and Healing doesn't give me the right to start an HMO.
437. From now on my Highlander will refrain from dancing the Can-Can.
438. The ability to afflict everyone in 150' with herpes is not an acceptable super power.
439. I will not start the game as a toddler just to rack up massive stat bonuses as I age.
440. I am forbidden from trying to merge the best features of automatic weapons and manual transmissions.
441. There is an upper limit on the number of people a bullet will go through.
442. When told to be subtle, playing a foul mouthed chain smoking squirrel is not a good choice.
443. Zombies are not infectious in D&D. So I should stop shooting PCs in the head if they are bitten.
444. Whether it's fair or not, my thief will not insist we take turns checking for traps.
445. I will not admonish my fellow paladin with 'a little less lawful, a little more good'
446. Ninjas are not ablative.
447. If the NPC is critical to the plot later, I cannot crit him 4 times in one round.
448. I will not attempt to unionize the brutes.
449. I will not switch to an entirely new class every single time I level.
450. When told to distract the villainess, they didn't mean with a surprise marriage proposal.
451. I cannot start the campaign conjoined to another character.
452. Not allowed to convince the entire party to base the group only off Gary Oldman characters.
453. I will not redefine the term 'trapdoor'.
454. No staking a vampire with anything larger than his chest cavity.
455. Styrofoam is not an appropriate component for golems.
456. I cannot put my familiar up for stud.
457. I did not invent the wet tabard contest.
458. "When I'm in the mood" is not a valid trigger for a contingency spell.
459. The vampire clan with vissitude is not pronounced 'Karl'
460. I'd better have a real good excuse for being a necromancer if I'm lawful good.
461. Tasha's Uncontrollably Hideous Sister is not a real spell.
462. 1st Watch is not for accordion practice.
463. Even if it is hip to be square, I still can't play a Modron.
464. 2nd Watch is not for starting up pick up rugby games with wandering monsters.
465. After a successful black ops, I will not leave paint bombs under all the boardroom's seat cushions.
466. 3rd Watch is not clothing optional.
467. There is no 'accidentally' slipping a Smite Evil into a pillow fight.
468. If the party wakes to find a chariot upside down in a fountain, I'd better not be the prime, usual or only suspect.
469. If I wake up to find black cloaked figures in my room, I will not immediately point them to the halflings' room.
470. Sarcasm is wasted on Imperial Stormtroopers.
471. I am not fluent in any dialect of gibberish.
472. When my cleric is told to "Buff the Elf", I know exactly what it means and may not miscontrue it in any way.
473. No matter the CR of the monster, no naked pookie dances upon victory.
474. Black and Decker does not make prosthetics.
475. Can't trick the rest of the party into babysitting my kids.
476. The alignment of 2 years olds is not automatically Neutral Evil.
477. I cannot spay the Vargyr.
478. Castillians do not always end their sentences with the word 'Ariba!"
479. As a matter of fact, Dwarven Battlegarb in no way resembles Angus Young's stage costume.
480. I will not address Fauner Posen with 'Jawohl mein Liebenaffe'
481. I am forbidden from doing anything that ends with a snarf, rimshot or spit take.
482. No uploading porn to my CO's HUD.
483. No downloading porn from my CO's HUD.
484. If the word 'Mullet' appears anywhere on my samurai's character sheet, he's vetoed.
485. My Mossad agent's battlecry is not "Torah, Torah, Torah"
486. No how tough the encounter was, I will keep the congratulatory ass slapping to a minimum.
487. Halfling mating rituals do not include beer can crushing, power belching, or Lynyrd Skynyrd trivia.
488. If I have to pull out of the dungeon because I'm low on HP, no filing Workman's Comp.
489. No making up any strange hobbies just to get out of taking watch.
490. Quoting Bob Dobbs while charging into battle is unusual. Quoting Bob Newhart is right out. Quoting Bob Dylan is just silly.
491. If my Faith is 4 and your Faith is 2, that doesn't mean Jesus loves me twice as much.
492. Beer Boy is not an acceptable hireling for the dungeon crawl.
493. I will not base any Media character off Milo Bloom.
494. I will not use a time machine to invade Germany on September 2, 1939 by surprise, securing Dutch domination of Europe.
495. No supplying my own canned applause.
496. While Bardic music can increase skill rolls, bad jazz adds nothing to seduction rolls.
497. If somebody in the party has a Wisdom or Intelligence lower than 8, I am forbidden from talking to them.
498. A firefight is not the best time to tell the party my Medtech has a fear of blood.
499. No inventing the minefield.
500. My superhero will not spend points to fly just because he's too lazy to walk.

Due to LJ truncating this list, the rest is now here...
1st-Jun-2019 08:57 am - Pride Month - But Why?
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The United States "celebrates" LGBTQ pride every June. Rainbow flags will fly. Parades will be thrown. Theme parks will be crowded with people celebrating.

What is being celebrated? Their choice of sexual partner and the open expression of their sexual choices. The premise is that they are rebelling against oppression. But being gay or transgender has been accepted for a very long time. My own place of employment had a member of upper level management come out of the closet and was touted as somehow being brave. But was it? His merit is no longer attached to his job performance, but is now focused on his crotch. Brave? How about the baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake because he stood up for his faith against intolerant people? He truly stood against oppression and has won. That is bravery. What about Catholics in Egypt that are being murdered but they still remain? That is bravery. What about those pro-democracy demonstrators that were killed in Tienanmen Square and those that commemorate it and are arrested? That is bravery. Coming out to tell people publicly about your crotch? Not at all.

Transgender people are told because they feel like they are a different gender their body is somehow defective and should be changed. People born with deformities are told they should be proud of who they are. Obese people are told to respect themselves and love their largeness; it is okay to be plus sized. People who point out the unhealthy weight are reviled as being body shamers. But, if it has to do with your crotch and how you use it, then that is a matter of pride, not hypocrisy.

Pride month is nothing more than a flagrant display of how someone's crotch is used. It is not brave. It is shameless. It is forcing public focus on private acts and parts, or at least ones that should be private. Where is the merit in this? How does this advance the good of the public? Why is it important to have a drag queen read stories to children? Again, this is the forcing of the very public recognition of how someone uses their crotch.

How about we stop focusing on things that don't matter? It is possible to take pride in who and what you are without shoving your crotch into peoples' faces.

This is an unpopular opinion and I am certain to receive hate from those whose identity is tied to and fixated on their groin.
1st-Jun-2019 08:12 am - What Is Your Reason?
Japanese, Japan
"In Japan, the secret to living a longer, happier and more fulfilled life can be summed up in one word: Ikigai.

In Japanese, iki means "to live" and gai means "reason" — in other words, your reason to live."

This is something to consider. Why do wake up in the morning? What reason do I have to get out of bed? My kids.

Eventually they will be grown and move away and have families of their own. What then? This is an important concept that needs to be examined.
4th-Jan-2019 10:07 am - He Has A Point
Here we see white males dismissed due to gender and race. The "Left" is not about diversity, but about themselves. They don't want dialogue, but to demonize.

Julian Von Abele is not a racist. The other students are.
24th-Dec-2018 11:09 am - A Discussion of Traveller Engineering
I have been mulling over the science behind a desktop role playing game (RPG) called Traveller. It is more of a hard science game, unlike Star Wars or Star Trek. My primary musings have been over gravitic drives. My thoughts begin as below:

Gravity is created by mass. Mass is a property given to matter by the Higgs boson. Bosons are subatomic particles that impart the principle forces defined in physics. Photons, gluons, W bosons, Z bosons, and Higgs bosons have all been discovered. We are still searching for gravitons, which I am not sure exist. Bosons, being similar to photons, should have a wavelength associate with them.

A Higgs boson would be used in gravity nullification, repulsion, and manipulation as mass is directly related to gravity. I imagine components of the machinery for gavitic drives would include Higgs emulators, boson phase adjusters, attenuators, boson wave guides, and Higgs emitters.

The other things I have contemplated are the nature of the jump drive, which allows interstellar travel. A jump one drive allows a one parsec jump. A jump two drive allows a jump of two parsecs maximum, and so on. A jump takes a week to travel regardless of the distance jumped. There is no explanation as to why. The rule books describe the jump drives as creating a tiny universe the size of the ship's hull. The jump bubble is kept inflated by liquid hydrogen. When the hydrogen boils off or the flight path of the craft takes it within 100 diameters of a large mass, the jump field bubble will collapse and the ship will re-enter normal space. This jump field is provided by a lanthanum grid covering the ship's hull. This is a worrisome problem as damage to the hull would certainly cause issues with jump in that sufficient damage to the hull grid would prevent jumping or worse, a mis-jump.

However, the physics behind a jump sound a bit like supercavitation to me. There are guns that shoot underwater and 230mph torpedoes. These weapons make use of a principle called "supercavitation". Supercavitation occurs when the object traveling through a medium causes a phase change of the medium that encompasses the object. If traveling through water, there is a pocket of air or water vapor that encompasses the object so that, in essence, it is traveling through air and not water. It is not possible to use supercavitation in air or in vacuum because there is no phase change of the medium. However, this is hard science fiction and we need something scientifically plausible behind the jump drives. I propose that the jump bubble is a subspace phase change created by subspace supercavitation. The devices involved are the subspace supercavitator generators and the cavitation emitters, which are provided by the lanthanum grid on the hull. Defects in the purity of the hydrogen affect the bubble as would a child with soap bubbles. A bad soap solution makes for a short-lived bubble.
24th-Dec-2018 10:19 am - The Sacrament of Marriage
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

Anthony, a dear friend of mine recently got married.His wife is gorgeous. He chose well and I pray that God bless their marriage greatly. It was a strange ceremony. The basics were there but it was more of a Pentecostal/evangelical praise and worship service. Being catholic and not a non-denominational I didn't know any of the contemporary songs. I don't listen to Christian radio as I find the music trite and some are theologically troubling to me.

The vows were exchanged and then the pastor did a communion. Kudos for recognizing that the Eucharist should be performed at the sacrament of marriage, even though they don't understand sacramental nature of such things. He blessed the bread and the wine, possibly it was grape juice. It was in little thimble-sized cups. He announced that all were welcome to participate and that they were not exclusive and that the symbol of the body and blood of Christ were for all.

Therein lies the issue. First, it was clearly stated as being a SYMBOL and not the true body and blood of Christ. A sacrament is valid only if the matter and form are correct. This had neither. I did not participate in the sham. If it was truly the body and blood of Christ then there would have been NOTHING, not the tiniest morsel or crumb of bread nor a single drop or residue of wine left. But I could see the tiny plastic cups with plenty left behind.

The dig at being exclusive was clearly aimed at Catholics. We don't exclude because someone is not a "member of the club". We exclude because we wish to let the consuming of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ to be for salvation and not condemnation. The condemnation comes from unworthily taking communion. We Catholics believe that the bread and wine are not mere symbols, but the literal body and blood of Christ and should be approached with awe, wonder, respect, and reverence. It is not wine and bread we approach but Christ himself. One should have confessed their sins to be pure and to know and believe that what they take in the Eucharist is truly Christ himself. To not do these and to not believe these is to take Christ into corruption, a grave insult! Would you smear dung upon Christ were He in front of you? Thus, the Catholic Church, in its wisdom, would prevent those that don't believe nor practice these things from condemning themselves. It is an act of mercy and not one of exclusion.

10th-Oct-2018 10:15 pm - Paradise Lost
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

Colossians 1:22-23

Yes. You can lose salvation, even if baptised. The Protestants are wrong.

26th-Aug-2018 04:14 pm - The Problem of the Mega-Diocese
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

What is a Mega-Diocese?

A Mega-Diocese is a diocese so enormous that a bishop cannot oversee it. Remember “bishop” in Greek is επίσκοπος (episcopos) which means “overseer.” Epi means “over” as in the word epidermis. Skopos means “see” as in the English words scope and telescope.

A shepherd should know his flock. How can a single shepherd guide his sheep without losing many of them if he has a massive flock? Wolves and predators will certainly pick off all those on the periphery and those that stray because they cannot hear their shepherd's voice calling them. Perhaps there would be less scandal in the Roman Catholic Church if the administrative regions were not so immense.

I like the idea of the Byzantine Church structure, that if more than 200 families are in a parish, a new parish is formed.

Currently here are the number of baptized in the top 4 USA archdioceses:
1  Los Angeles 4,174,304
2 New York 2,521,087
3 Chicago 2,442,000
4 Boston 2,077,487
Italy has 227 dioceses. 116,350 sq mi and population of 60,483,973 people
USA has 167 dioceses. 3,796,742 sq mi and population of 325,719,178 people

These numbers are for the Roman Catholic Church. I don't know the numbers for Byzantine or Eastern Catholics but it is much, much smaller. It is clear that there is no possible way for the bishop structure to actually function in the current design. Vocations would be less an issue if there was more access to the leadership. It would help keep people from being disenfranchised.

25th-Aug-2018 04:20 pm - Forced Abortion, Forced Birth
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Here’s What Arizona Wants to Do With Frozen Embryos

The State of Arizona is taking an interesting tact on how to dispense with unused frozen embryos from IVF. There exists a legal issue in who owns them when a couple splits. This is further complicated by the issue of multiple partners. The embryos will be granted custody to the person that intends to develop them to birth. But Roe v. Wade complicates this matter.

... does the “right” Roe establishes end with a woman’s body no longer  being encumbered, or does it extend to extinguishing any “potential” of  that prenatal life to actuate itself?...

Here is the scenario: let's say that a married couple (male and female) are trying to conceive a child. The wife (A) has her eggs harvested and then fertilized by the husband (B) using IVF methods. Before the embryos can be implanted, they go through a divorce. The embryos are frozen until custody is determined. The wife does not want them. The husband does, and is therefore granted custody. Later on, the former husband meets a woman (C) and she agrees to be the surrogate for his children. She is successfully implanted with an embryo. They break up. 

Can B legally force C to continue the pregnancy to full term?

If B no longer wishes to have children by C, but C desires the child, can B legally force C to terminate the pregnancy?

Can A force C to terminate, or carry to term, since they are her eggs and DNA?

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5th-Aug-2018 05:24 pm - The Rule of the Theotokos
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

The Rule of the Theotokos

of St Seraphim of Sarov

(downloaded from www.1260.org and updated using language from the 2006 “Divine Liturgies of Our Holy Fathers John Chrysostom and Basil”, known as “The Green Book”)

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, be merciful to me, a sinner.

Glory to You, O Lord, glory to you.

Heavenly King, Comforter, Spirit of Truth, everywhere present and filling all things, Treasury of Blessings and Giver of Life, come and dwell within us, cleanse us of all stain, and save our souls, O Gracious One.

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8th-Jan-2018 08:17 am - Sin is like that
catholic, religion, byzantine, eastern

I was headed to confession last Saturday afternoon and was contemplating Theophany and baptism.

Lately, I had been struggling with some certain sins and had missed a dearly needed confession the previous Sunday. Perhaps if I had gotten to church earlier. I found a Roman Catholic Church nearby I could go to for penance as I didn't feel like I could wait another day; I was in a spiritual crisis. It was affecting other aspects of my life, tainting it.

Sin is like engine grease on your hands. Everything you touch becomes contaminated and smeared with the grimy filth with its cloying stench. Wiping your hands is not good enough. The stench is still there tainting all you touch. You need to be washed to be rid of it. Confession is like a second baptism in that it washes away our sins making us like new, again. It reveals the new being we became with our first baptism.

This is the season of Theophany, the baptism of The Lord in the river Jordan. This is when the water for house blessings is blessed. We bless our houses each year not because God has become less powerful over the year, but because our sins have tainted and covered His grace. Our homes need to be washed due to our sins to reveal the ever present blessings of God.

Let us remain in God's mercy by frequent confession, attendance of Divine Liturgy (mass), and the blessing of our homes.

Christ is baptized!
In the Jordan!

12th-Oct-2017 05:14 pm - Hack Slash Boom
I recently took my son to the pediatrician for his shots. One of the "health related" questions was regarding weather I have firearms in the house. I live in the United States and our Constitution grants certain rights and among those rights are the right to possess a firearm. Questioning the possession of a firearm as a health-related issue is disingenuous. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has some interesting statistics regarding knives. There were 1190 knife related injuries requiring emergency medical treatment per day between 1990 to 2008. There were an estimated 8,250,914 (95% confidence interval [CI] 7,149,074-9,352,755) knife-related injuries were treated in US EDs from 1990 to 2008, averaging 434,259 (95% CI 427,198-441,322) injuries annually, ... . The injury rate was 1.56 injuries per 1000 US resident population per year.

When you look at firearm-related injuries and the statistics: "A firearm-related injury is defined as a gunshot wound or penetrating injury from a weapon that uses a powder charge to fire a projectile. This definition includes gunshot injuries sustained from handguns, rifles, and shotguns but excludes gunshot wounds from air-powered, gas-powered, BB and pellet guns, as well as non-penetrating injuries associated with firearms (e.g., “pistol whipping”). ... More than 32,000 persons die and over 67,000 persons are injured by firearms each year." This translates to a daily injury rate of 184 injuries.

Reading the firearm mortality and injury statistics is this revealing statement: "the findings in this paper are subject to a few limitations. First, while the data sources are well-suited for capturing the burden and epidemiological profile of firearm injury and death in the U.S., they are limited in the extent to which they offer information about the context and circumstances surrounding firearm violence, including information about the relationship of the victim to the perpetrator."

That is to say, that there is no data regarding how many deaths and injuries were caused by self defense.

Given that there are far more injuries by knives than firearms requiring emergency medical care, why are knives not being questioned? It seems to me that knives are a far more dangerous tool.

The other issue I object to is the following statement in the conclusion: "firearm injuries are an important public health problem in the United States contributing substantially each year to premature death, illness, and disability."

I disagree with the premise. Firearms are NOT a health issue. The misuse of firearms and the reason why are the issue. Possession of a knife does not make me a Jack-the-Ripper or likely to commit suicide. My children's pediatrician is a woman complete with breasts and vagina (presumably). Does this make her a prostitute even though she is fully equipped to be one? No. She is a doctor. Possession of a hammer does not make one a carpenter. Are you getting the picture?

Firearms are not a health issue, but the issues causing their misuse might be.
My dear transgender friends, 1000 years from now an archaeologist may examine your bones. Your skin, hair, and clothes will have turned to powder. The scientist will carefully extract a tooth from your dusty skull to remove its pulp or drill a hole in your dry bones to sample your marrow. Gone is the pronoun you used to refer to yourself. Gone are your surgical scars, modifications, and enhancements. What is left is your DNA and it will tell one of two things: male or female. All your efforts are for naught because in the end, it is your DNA that describes what you are, not your feelings about your gender.

Your perception of reality is in error. People are constantly bombarded by statements saying we should have a positive attitude toward our bodies. We are told to not be ashamed of who we are. We are told to not descend into mediocrity and change ourselves. If you are fat, then by golly, be happy about it! If you have a disfiguring birth defect, then accept who you are and be proud! Flaunt it! Be yourself!

Unless, of course, you believe you are some gender other than what you were born as. Then, no. Then you are somehow born a mistake that needs correcting. There is minimal, only word service, or no psychological and spiritual help for you to accept the reality of your gender. No. You are told you are defective and must be permanently altered. You are told your feelings are reality, not your perception of it. "Be who you are" never enters into it. But noone likes to be alone in their decision and now other, even children who grow out of their erroneous perception of reality, are being indoctrinated.

Transgender and the pronouns that go with it has all the makings of a fad. It is a popular thing to do and is gaining acceptance at the risk of destroying one's life and making bad legislation. Gender transition surgery is not like getting a tattoo, but seems to be being sold as such.
I am sure this post will receive much hate, and possibly even generate death threats. Who is the one being intolerant? Let them show themselves.

I was recently at Disneyland. It was very crowded. Rainbows were everywhere. It was a celebration of "diversity". It was Gay Pride week. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I plan my vacation as I thought I was going during off season. I am beginning to think that there is no off season for Disneyland.

Ah, diversity. People were out flaunting and celebrating their sexual proclivity. Have the straights ever done this? Ever? In the history of humanity? The LGBTQ crowd wants to normalize a behavior that has, until the recent modern age, been seen as an aberration. This is social engineering at its worst. No. This is not the equivalent as the abolition of slavery or civil rights. This is about seeking normalization of sexual desire. You are damned if you disagree. You are a subhuman if you won't accept, tolerate, and embrace their choice of sexual partners. The LGBTQ crowd claim they want equality and the ability to be married. This is not their true goal. The goal is destroy religion. The gay pride movement has been hijacked by avowed Socialists. Socialism cannot truly succeed if there is a power beyond The State that The State is beholden to. Religion must be destroyed for Socialism to succeed. Once The State has the power of life and death by usurping the throne of God and assumes all authority it can do what it wills at any time. History shows what happens when Man supplants God and it always ends in bloody oppression for everyone.
31st-Jul-2017 10:09 am - Oh! The mysogony!
Men seeking some amorous interaction from modern American women have been given some advice in the seemingly misogynistic tirade, On the Pursuit of Pussy via The Burning Platform. However, that is only seemingly. Modern feminism has brought the destruction of femininity and rendered a natural interaction as something disordered and the author, ever so bluntly and entirely lacking diplomacy, points out some problems with Western Feminism.

Some points made:

Be a Man.

It was a good evening. You laughed, you drank, you flirted, she smelled amazing. You end up at her place.

Her kiss makes the world go out-of-focus. She is the very definition of curves and angles and softness, with pliant, satiny skin taut over the toned muscles of a dancer. Full breasts in a lace bra—it’s like perusing a dessert tray.

Your lips chart the arcane geometry of the place where her neck meets her shoulders, and you feel her pulse jumping under your tongue. You are both moving towards the bed, dropping clothing as you go. She lies back and as you follow her down she places both hands on your chest, applies a little pressure and says,


The moment she says that word, a Man will stop. Then, a Man will stand up, collect his clothes, shoes and keys, and leave. On the way out the door, a Man will flash his most winning smile and say, “Nobody has to tell me twice, darlin’.”

And then, A Man Will Never Come Back. She gets one shot at you—that’s it.

But I believe this is a false paradigm. I believe a REAL MAN would not let things go this far in the first place. A Real man would not have sexual relations outside of marriage.

Be a man. If she is worth taking to bed, she is worth making her your wife before you do. Waiting completely removes the issue of date rape. Waiting completely removes the problems created by being enamored with someone's body and then dismissing serious red flags. Chemistry and lust become overridden by reason and objectivity. It also shows that you value your intended spouse for who they are rather than their performance in the bedroom. Chastity solves a whole host of issues from STIs/STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and the morning after regret.
28th-Jul-2017 05:52 pm - The Slippery Slope of Gender Identity
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Transgenderism is failing feminism and harming freedom of speech and expression. Instead of those with gender identity issues getting the medical, psychological, and spiritual aid they need, the issue has been taken over by political activists and social justice warriors trying to make a name for themselves.

Now, once again, biological women are being marginalized by biological men. Status quo maintained, but now women cannot complain without being labeled a bigot or hateful. Congratulations.

A recent article from EWTN News had a very good point:

“It makes much more therapeutic sense to help the mind conform to biological realities than to deform the body in order to fit a disordered mental picture.”

But also, we are told, if we happen to be overweight, skinny, handicapped, deformed, have stretch marks, or have acne, etc., that we should love and accept ourselves for who we are. Transgendered persons get a pass and are essentially told that they should not accept who they are but to be something else. The hypocrisy level on body shaming is amazing when you consider you are so unhappy with yours that you decide to change your entire identity and people cheer you on as you make irrevocable changes to your biology.
16th-Mar-2017 03:11 pm - On the offensive

What is wrong with people? Most seem inclined to actively look for offense or to be offended. Why do people try to read in slights? It seems everyone's ego so large and frail? The world is all about them and they seem, at least to themselves, to be entitled to all respect.

What a sad life to lead where one searches for new ways to be offended in every action, dialog and missive.

4th-Mar-2017 11:08 pm - Call it what it is

Some believe sarcasm is a survival trait.

I call it what it really is: contempt.

It is time to be honest about the nature of sarcasm. It is born out of a self-appointed sense of superiority. It is not funny or cute. It is divisive, cutting, and hurtful. Sarcasm is nothing but a display of contempt designed to attack someone verbally to belittle them placing yourself above. It is selfish. It is vain. It is arrogant.

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